Real Estate Agents

Why PRMI Marketing

While traditional marketing is important, we place a great value on building relationships.  We pride ourselves on “It is always the thousands of little things done right that add up to the unassailable advantage.  Above all, we want a reputation for doing the little things well and the big things will follow”.  Whether it’s planning an event, educating our real estate partners or designing marketing materials, our department is always thinking “outside of the box” and adding small touches.  This is what separates PRMI from the competition.

We want to get to know our real estate partners so we can both grow in the industry.  Let’s get started today!

  • Realtor Postcards, Newsletters & Flyers
  • Client & Realtor Events
    • Lunch & Learns
    • Appreciation Parties
    • Happy Hours
    • Broker Opens
    • Open Houses
    • Grand Opening Parties
    • Community Events
    • Holiday Parties
    • Reverse Pop-By Events
  • Social Media Advertisement
  • Loan Program Flyers
  • Social Survey
  • Customized business cards, banners, etc..
  • Client touchpoints & gifts

Our goal is to set expectations up front and exceed those expectations.   We believe consistency, organization, and communication are the key factors to building strong relationships.

We look forward to partnering with you!

For more information, please contact a member of our team:

Laura Nagel Marketing Manager
Bronwyn Dunk Marketing Coordinator
Emily Butzner Marketing Coordinator